Universal Studios Japan™

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For those of you who are book and movie lovers, it is certainly a unique attraction to enjoy the fun of adventure in the fantasy world. At Universal Studios Japan ™ in Osaka, you can see the show and feel the fun of the game that brought you as if you were in your favorite movie.


Adult MYR 223.00 ~ MYR 710.00

* Prices may different depending on the date.

General Information

For those who do not want to queue, you can buy an Express Pass with a choice of 4 rides or 7 rides free to queue.

Note: Prices can vary from day to day, depending on the type of ticket and desired date.

* It is E-Ticket                            * Fixed Date

Type of Universal Express™ Pass

Universal Express™ Pass 7

  1. The Flying Dinosaur
  2. Backdrop
  3. Evangelion XR Ride

Universal Express™ Pass 4

  1. Standard
  2. The Flying Dinosaur
  3. Evangelion XR Ride
How to use the Universal Express™ Pass

On the tickets, there are attractions that are time-designated and those that are not.
For attractions that are not time-designated, please visit them any time during operating hours. For time-designated attractions, please visit them at the time printed on the ticket, and make sure each guest is carrying one ticket. Present the QR code on the ticket to a crew member at the Express Pass entrance of your chosen attraction.

  • Each guest must have one ticket. Please make sure to use your own ticket.
  • Do not bend or wet the QR code portion of the ticket.
  • Tickets can only be used during the printed time.


**Please present the entire ticket screen, not just the QR code.**

- To experience attractions using the Universal Express™ Pass, please print or save the entire ticket screen with the QR code. A member of the crew will confirm your ticket and the printed attraction time. You cannot use the ticket if you alter it in any way, including the QR code.

- Facility boarding restrictions -

・Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey:Height must 122 cm above 
・Minion · Hatchamecha · Ride:Height must 122 cm above 
・The Flying Dinosaur:Height must 132 cm above and below 198 cm
・Hollywood · Dream · The · Ride:Height must 132 cm above
・Hollywood Dream - The Ride - back drop:Height must 132 cm above