Notice of logo renewal Wendy Tour

Wendy Japan co, Ltd is pleased to announce that the brand logo of Southeast Asian travel site “Wendy Tour” has been renewed.

The travel industry has fallen into a very difficult situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our company, which provides travel support and tour management in Southeast Asia ,was unable to welcome customers due to inability to travel overseas , and we were in a very difficult situation.

Meanwhile , we decided to change to a new logo that expresses joy and energy with the letter W of Wendy so that customers can feel the joy and happiness of traveling after the end of COVID-19 pandemic.

By all Wendy Tour staff in Southeast Asia with this slogan in mind. 
We look forward to welcoming everyone.

From Jan 1, 2022 , we will gradually switch to the new logo.
We appreciate your continued support and patronage.

New Year’s Day 2022
Wendy Tour