KANTO BUFFET Optional Nikko Kimono Experience

Go for a stroll in Nikko wearing a KIMONO, and enjoy Lunch at the oldest resort Hotel in Japan.
RM 331.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Bus (All Line)

Want to see Mt. Fuji? So…only here...at Kawaguchiko! Around Lake Kawaguchi you will see beautiful seasonal blossoms whenever you come.
RM 79.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional Mt. Fuji Fujikko-go Bus

With six departure times from Mt. Fuji Station weekdays. It is a convenient bus for sightseeing around Yamanakako.
RM 76.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional Nikko Edo Wonderland

Travel back in time to the days of the samurai. Experience the culture and lifestyle of old Japan.
RM 128.00

KANTO BUFFET 2D1N Kusatsu Onsen + Karuizawa

Kusatsu Onsen is one of the most famous onsen in Japan located in Gunma prefecture.
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Atami Onsen located at the eastern end of Shizuoka prefecture, is one of the three most famous onsen in Japan.
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KANTO BUFFET Optional Hitachi Seaside Park

Only 2 hours away from Tokyo, you can enjoy various kinds of flowers. Hitachi Seaside Park, is a 190-hectare flower field with various seasonal flowers.
RM 85.00

KANTO BUFFET One Day Mt.Fuji Pass

You can unlimited use 3 days JR TOKYO Wide Pass and Mt.Fuji Pass travel at Tokyo for your trip.
RM 157.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional at Karuizawa Snow Fun

Karuizawa Ski Resort is an hour-long resort from Tokyo. The resort is an integrated resort with JR station, hot spring, hotel and outletmall, making it a perfect place to spend the winter break. Enjoy the excitement of playing snow and the beauty of nature viewing in Karuizawa simultaneously.
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