WiFi Router Rental

Internet access in Japan quickly with low rates? Let's rent Wifi Router at Wendy Tour that you can take directly from

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Wifi Router Rental From Indonesia? 
1. Very Economical
Because one wifi router can be used up to 4 Devices or Gadgets you have. 
2. Easy and Fast
WiFi router is very easy to use, with bekek sophistication 4G Internet connection then do not bother looking for signal again 
3. Direct from Malaysia
When you arrive at Japan Airport, you can directly ON with this Wifi Pocket. Because directly brought from Malaysia.


Price PerdayMYR 15
Deposite Router (REFUNDABLE)MYR 500


Q & A

Q: Is the network 4G?

A : Being on a 4G network across most of Japan's Big Cities. If you have entered the pegunugnan area or through the tunnel then the automatic network Down to 3G

Q: How to do if network problem?
Q: How long battery life?

A : Maximum battery life is 8 hours . all depends on usage and number of devices using WiFi unit connection

Q: What is the speed of this WiFi?

A : The speed will depend on the application usage type and how many devices use the unit.

Q: How long is the battery charging?

A : The battery charge time is about 3 hours .

Q: When this Router is picked up and returned

A : New Wifi Unit can be taken 2 Days before departure and returns up to 2 days after return . Delays in the return will be imposed a fine per day.

Q: How is the Router when the return is damaged?

A : Any return we will check the completeness of the unit. Please take good care to avoid fines

Terms and Conditions

- Each unit of the router we rent consists of: 
1. 1 Unit Router. 2. 1 Cable Charger 3. 1 Plug Charger
- The new router unit can be picked up at least 2 days before the lease date. 
- The router unit must be returned no later than 2 days after the end of the lease date. 
- Any delay of return of router unit in charge of delay of Rp.50.000, - per day. 
- In case of loss of unit of router will be wearing fine Rp.3.000.000, -. 
- In case of loss of cable or charger head will be in a fine of Rp.500.000, -. 
- In each router unit delivery to the lessee, the battery is always in full condition. 
- Each unit of the router can be connected to a maximum of 4 devices.
- The more devices connected by the router, the battery's resistance will quickly decrease. 
- Battery life per day between 6-7 hours. 
- Internet quota contained in the router unit is 3 Gigabyte per 3 days and will slow on the third day. 
The quota will return 3 Gigabytes after entering the 4th day and beyond every three days. 
- Internet connection will be reduced or can be lost when passing through mountainous areas, rural and subway. 
- At the time in a crowded place where wifi router users are very high in a region (high traffic), 
internet connection on the router unit can be reduced and weak. 
- If at the hotel (room) there is free wifi facility, we recommend the benefits of such facilities because the internet connection is stronger.
- If there is a problem in the internet connection even within the city, do the following steps: 
1. Turn off the router unit and set aside some time, then turn it back on. 
2. If stage 1 is still problematic, turn off the unit router and unplug the SIM card and let stand a few moments, 
then rebuke again. 
3. If stage 2 is still problematic, turn off the unit router, unplug the SIM card and unplug the battery and let stand a few moments, 
then rebuke again. 
4. Connect the wifi router only in 1 unit of HP only

NOTE: The Wifi Router we provide is the latest unit with the provider of Docomo and we always check for the feasibility of using this unit. Use the Internet wisely to avoid quota shortages