KANTO BUFFET Optional Resort Karuizawa

Karuizawa is one of Japanese finest resort areas, located in a rich and beautiful slice of nature. This shopping mall enhances your stay with a range of the world's leading brands. Situated just off the South Exit of Karuizawa Station, the facility offers luxury brands, fashion goods, accessories, sports items, outdoor gear, and more, with close to 240 shops.


<Including Train fee (JR TOKYO Wide Pass)>

Adult RM 523
 Child (6-11 YO) / Student (12-15 YO) 

 RM 320


Adult RM 133
 Child (6-11 YO) / Student (12-15 YO) 

 RM 125

Price Inclusion

  • ONE DAY PASS (Valid 30 days after issue date Only for single use)

 ** Please show your booking confirmation at the booth counter ticket to get admission.**

One Day Pass includes:

1. Lunch

2. JR TOKYO Wide Pass

3. Activity which can be selected

General Information

  • Period: April 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018
  • Minimum participants: 1 person
  • This option only applies to the purchase of one of the other Kanto Buffet packages.
  • This tour can not be purchased separately.
  • You can still use the Tokyo Wide Pass outside of the listed period (Transportation costs borne by visitors).
  • Tickets are valid for 30 days, except tickets purchased in November and February. The ticket is only valid on the month of purchase (can not be transferred next month)
**Please choose from the followings**
①All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill (East: western style lunch)
②Chinese Cuisine- Touri (West)
③Japanese Cuisine- Karamatsu (West)
※ Lunch available during 11:30a.m.~2:00p.m.

※Voucher is available for one time only (per group)

Fun Activities
①Cake set(East [All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill] or West [Marron] *1000 AM~0400 PM
※Available at Karuizawa Prince Bowl (Please contact ahead of time if you'd like to play, possibility facility closed)
③5 hours hotel bike rental ※Available at Karuizawa Prince Hotel East or West
④Hotel Shop Vouchers(Equivalent to JPY900) ※You will not receive change
⑤Tennis Court- 1 hour (racket and ball included)※Available at Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
⑥Table Tennis Court- 1 hour (racket and ball included) ※Available at Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
※Voucher is available for one time only (per group)