KANTO BUFFET Optional Hitachi Seaside Park

Just 2 hours from Tokyo, you can enjoy a variety of flowers. Hitachi Seaside Park, is a 190 hectare flower plantation with various seasonal flowers. You can drive using the Seaside Train, a tourist train located within the park to surround the Hitachi Seaside Park area.


ADULTRM 678.00
CHILDREN (6 - 11 yrs)RM 365.00
CHILDREN (6 - 11 yrs)RM 48.00

Price Inclusion

  • JR Tokyo Wide Pass (3 Days)
  • HITACHI SEASIDE PARK Admission fee (Adult, Senior only)
  • Seaside train 1 day Train Pass

* 1 Bus ticket (Ibaraki Koutsu Bus) is not included in the tour price. Please pay on board with coins. 

   - One way ( Adult : JPY 400 ; Child : JPY 200 )
* 2 Some trains stop at Tokyo Station. If you prefer to leave or go to and from Tokyo station please check the schedule below.

General Information

  • Package 1 day to see and visit flower garden at Hitachi Seaside Park.
  • Period : Now ~ 31 March 2019
  • Minimum participants : 1 person
  • To ride the train for 3 consecutive days in Tokyo and Kanto area (the area around Tokyo)
  • Tickets can be used for the round-trip train from Tokyo to Hitachi Seaside Park, and two days free for other Kanto areas.
Flower Calendar
Facility Information

This 190 hectare park offers the charm of various flowers according to the year-round season. You can enjoy the flowers of Narcissus / Daffodil and Tulip in the spring, the flowers of Nemophilas and Roses in the early summer, the summer Zinnias flowers, also the Kochia and Cosmos flowers in the fall. You can check the calendar of flowers each season on Hitachi Seaside Park website. You can also enjoy the park while biking. Then, there is also a theme park called "Pleasure Garden" which has 25 types of rides such as BMX track, athletic park, barbeque park and others. 
Open hours: 9:30 to 17:00

※ Fees for attractions other than Seaside Train are not included in this tour package. 
URL: http: //en.hitachikaihin.go.jp


Train Schedule