KANTO BUFFET One Day Mt.Fuji Pass

You can get 3 days JR TOKYO Wide Pass and Mt.Fuji Pass for your trip.  The Mt. Fuji Round Trip Ticket is a discounted round-trip ticket package valid for train and bus travel between Tokyo and Mt. Fuji. It is recommended that those on day tours as well as travelers stay overnight to climb Mt. Fuji (the climbing season lasts through mid-September). This special price saves about half off the price of the regular fare (of ordinary reserved seats).



ADULT Start FromRM 886.00
CHILDREN (6~11 years old) RM 467.00


ADULT Start FromRM 298.00
CHILDREN (6~11 years old) RM 150.00

Price Inclusion

  • 3 Days JR TOKYO Wide Pass
  • Mt.Fuji Pass

General Information

  • A one day package to see and visit the famed Mount Fuji
  • Period: 01 July 2018 - 31 March 2019
  • Minimum participants: 1 persons
Mt Fuji Pass Information
About Mt.Fuji Pass
  • With “Mt. Fuji Pass”, you can get on and off for the local bus which operating in Yamanashi and Shizuoka Area, also the train, Fujikyu Railway. Besides, you can use the popular sightseeing spots like the excursion ship “En Soleil” and Fuji-Q Highland, etc.
  • Facilities accepting the Pass
  • 1 FujiQ Highland(Entrance+1 attraction)
  • 2 Grinpa(Entrance)
  • 3 Mt.Kachi-Kachi Ropeway(Free Admission)
  • 4 Lake kawaguchiko Plesure Cruiser「En Soleille」
  • 5 Lake Yamanakako「Swan Lake」
  • 6 Lake Motosuko Pleasure Cuiser「Moguran」
  • 7 Fuketsu(wind cave), Hyoketsu(ice cave)
  • 8 Fujiyama Musium
  • Exclusive Privileges
  • You can receive benefits at 12 Mt. Fuji area
    facilities by presenting the Mt.Fuji Pass.
  • http://bus-en.fujikyu.co.jp/mtpass/
  • 1. This pass can be used only by the person whose name is inscribed upon it. In addition, the pass is only valid with the exclusive-use tickets attached to it.
  • 2. Please show your pass to the attendant (driver) or the staff whenever you board the train or bus, or when you visit any sightseeing facility. When presenting the pass, ensure that the field marked with the validity period is visible to the staff.
  • 3. Always carry your passport with you when you use the pass and present it when requested by the staff.
  • 4. If you board the limited-express trains such as Fujisan View Express, Fujikyu Express and Fuji Tozan Densha, an additional fee is required for limited- express tickets or reserved-seat
  • 5. This rail pass can be used only within its validity period.
  • 6. The pass can’t be reissued if it is lost or stolen.
  • 7. You cannot get a refund on the pass nor can its validity period can’t be extended for any reason, including suspension of service, closed days, delays or any other reason whatsoever. We are not liable for any transportation fees or additional expenses for accommodation incurred due to the course change.