Terms & Conditions

Online booking Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Wendytour.com.my ("Operator") for your vacation package needs. To ensure that you understand the conditions associated with the purchase of your vacation package, please read the following terms and conditions. All terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at Operator's sole discretion and without prior notice.



All bookings must be made at least fourteen (14) days prior to departure.

Full payment is due at time of booking via credit card only. The address entered at time of booking must match the credit card billing address.

Listed prices are subject to change for events beyond Operator’s control including, but not limited to, increase or establishment of surcharges, government-imposed taxes, fees and tariffs, or component prices

Standard policies and penalties outlined below may be more restrictive during holidays and special events. No refunds will be made for special events, shows, or attraction passes.

Once package is paid in full, the package price will not change; however, Operator reserves the right to re-invoice the package should an error be made in computing the package price.

Items not included in the package price consist of, but are not limited to, baggage handling, tips and gratuities, meals, rollaway beds, cribs, resort fees, and all items of a strictly personal nature. These items are the sole responsibility of the Customer and should be paid directly when the service is received.

Operator sells leisure vacations. Individuals attending a convention may not use this product for their hotel stay. If this vacation is used for any reason other than leisure travel, the hotel may directly assess an additional surcharge or refuse service during holiday, convention, or special event time periods.

Hotel Taxes and Service Fees: Operator markets hotels under a “prepaid/merchant” model, where we collect the full amount from the Customer in advance and manage the payments to the hotel on their behalf. In connection with facilitating hotel arrangements, the amount Customers are charged will include taxes and service fees. This amount includes an estimate to recover the amount paid to the hotel related to their reservation for taxes owed by the hotel including, without limitation, sales and use tax, occupancy tax, room tax, excise tax, value-added tax, goods and services tax, and/or other similar taxes. The amount paid to the hotel in connection with a reservation for taxes may vary from the amount we estimated and charged the Customer. The amount charged also includes an amount to compensate Operator for their services as well as covering costs incurred in connection with handling reservations.

Operator is not the vendor collecting and remitting taxes to the applicable taxing authorities. The hotel suppliers, as vendors, include all applicable taxes in the amount billed to Operator, and Operator pays over such amounts directly to the vendors. Operator is not a co-vendor associated with the vendor with whom the Operator books or reserves Customer’s travel arrangements. Taxability and the appropriate tax rate and the type of applicable taxes vary greatly by location.



45 days and above before check-in date the full amount will be refunded.

30 days and above before check-in date one room night per room will be charged

21 days and above before check-in date 50% of the fully paid amount will be refunded.

Below 14 days, there will be no cancellation acceptable and there will be no refund.

During peak season and eve & public holidays, once booking is confirmed and voucher issued no cancellation is allow and strictly no refund.

Due to each hotel's terms and conditions differs from each other. When we sent out the confirmation to our guests, the cancellation policy is attached together.

Any cancellation policies dictated by the hotel during the peak season will always supersede those stated here. In such case our Customer Service Agents will inform you clearly and complete details when we issue the confirmation voucher/email to you)



Modifications are defined as changes to the flight time/number (on existing travel dates); changes to hotel; changes to the rental car; or changes to features.

Modifications to the hotel, rental car, or features on an existing reservation made at any time after booking and up to ticketing (30 days from departure) will incur no modification fees.

Modifications to the hotel, rental car, or features on an existing reservation made at any time after booking and up to ticketing (30 days from departure) during any promotion or event period, will incur modification fees of RM150.

Modifications to the hotel, rental car, or features on an existing reservation made at any time after ticketing (30 days from departure) and up to 15 days from departure will incur a RM150 per person modification penalty, plus any applicable supplier charges and a RM15 document delivery fee to ensure receipt of documents in time for travel (if applicable).

Modification will not be allowed 14 days or less from departure as reservations become completely non-refundable, non-modifiable, and non-exchangeable. 



If your travel plans change, the right to a refund is limited and will be determined in conjunction with the terms and conditions listed herein. If your reservation qualifies for a refund (subject to the policies herein), a written refund request must be submitted to Operator no later than 90 days after the scheduled departure date, or any payments and deposits shall be forfeited.

No refunds will be made for unused or cancelled lift tickets, show tickets, or theme park passes.

No refunds will be made for missed or unused flights.

If travel documents and flight tickets were issued for your vacation package, they must be returned to Operator in order for any refund to be considered. Mail refund request and all travel documents and flight tickets to: Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd, Attention: REFUNDS, CP65, Suite 1306, 13th Floor, Central Plaza, 34, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

If travel documents and flight tickets were not issued for your vacation package, refund request may be submitted via e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or via fax to (603) 2145 2312, Attention: REFUNDS. 



Your vacation package requires the issuance of E-flight tickets and other travel documents, which are required for travel.

Travel documents will be delivered to the credit card billing address entered at time of booking (if applicable).

For vacations booked 15 days or more, delivery of travel documents prior to departure, including flight tickets, will be completed using fax or email. www.wendytour.com.my is NOT ticketless, and the flight tickets issued to you are required for travel.



Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd is responsible only for ground transportation, accommodations, or other features of the vacation. and is not responsible for any air transportation misconnection or miscarriage or other features of the air transportation.

All passenger ground transportation via Ivacationz.com shall be provided under the terms and conditions of Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd.

Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd is not responsible for refunding or replacing an non-utilized vacation package, misconduct from the local guide (all destinations)

Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd merely acts as a platform for products and services of the suppliers and shall not be responsible nor liable for :

Over-booking , misinformation or mishandling of any reservation or booking by the suppliers; or

Any other dissatisfaction or complaint of the member relation to the quality of the products or services provided by supplier or otherwise howsoever;

Any damage or loss to your personal property or personal injury howsoever sustained or caused.

In the event of mishandling, misinformation or overbooking by a supplier, or any other dissatisfaction or complaint aforesaid, the member should take up the matter directly with the supplier who is under an obligation to deal with such matters in accordance with www.wendytour.com.my policies.


The Operator is an independent contractor that arranges travel-related services for individual, tour, and group travel.

The Operator is neither an agent of the Customer nor of those providing travel-related services and does not in any manner directly provide accommodations, transportation, meals, or other travel-related services.

The Operator shall neither be liable for personal injury nor property loss or damage resulting from the acts, omissions, or negligence of any person providing accommodations, transportation, meals, or other travel-related services.

The Operator shall not be liable for any delayed departure, missed carrier connections, substitutions of accommodations, or of common carrier equipment, termination of service, changes in fares and rates, or for cancellation or double booking of reservations or tickets beyond the Operator’s control and without the Operator’s prior notice.

The Operator reserves the right to alter the printed itinerary or schedule of any tour or trip as may be necessary with or without notice. The Operator shall not be responsible for any inconvenience or expense occasioned by such changes.

The Operator reserves the right to decline any Customer at any time for any reason whatsoever.

The Operator is not responsible for the exchange or refund of any lost or stolen feature documents.


Flight Terms & Conditions

All flight departure must make three (03) days in advance.

Air fare in Wendytour.com.my Flight Online Booking Engine always subject to change and airlines’ seats availability until air ticket purchased by your payment and issued.

All bookings are confirmed with airlines reference recorder and compulsory guaranteed by credit payment and paid by same credit card or cash bank in upon ticket issued.

Airport taxes subject to further fuel surcharge if any immediate increase by airlines or carriers

Currency exchange rates especially applying on taxes conversion, subject to fluctuation from time to time and these are beyond Wendytour.com.my controls.

All flight schedule showing departure and arrival times are based on the existing country and regional time.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all passengers’ name fill into Passengers Information column in Wendytour.com.my Flight Online Booking Engine is exactly match to your passports or travel documents. Wendytour.com.my has no responsibility in any mistakes if you (the Customer) provided name wrongly and causes the additional cost of air ticket.

Define of Air Fare- the price charged for transportation by airplane without any airport tax, airlines insurance, fuel surcharges and miscellaneous charge.

Define of Airport Tax- A local tax imposed on air tickets and passed along to passengers, ostensibly used to fund airport maintenance, expansion, and similar expenditures.

Define of Fuel Surcharge- An additional per-ticket fee added to a fare by an airline or other carrier, ostensibly to cover the increased cost of fuel to the carrier. Fuel surcharges are seldom quoted in the fare.

Define of Airline Insurance- Aviation insurance -is insurance coverage geared specifically to the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation. Aviation insurance policies are distinctly different from those for other areas of transportation and tend to incorporate aviation terminology, as well as terminology, limits and clauses specific to aviation insurance. An additional per-ticket fee added to a fare by an airline or other carrier.


Booking Changes, Cancellations and Refund

If you decide to change your flight reservation after ticket purchased or issued an amendment fee of RM 100 per alteration will be charged for wendytour.com.my of Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd processing. Any amendment will also be subject to any additional costs incurred through increases in airlines costs the amendment may involve. Any change in departure date will be construed as a cancellation of the original booking and cancellation charges will apply. Cancellation fees per person are applied according to the fare category and airlines you applied; please refer the existing term & conditions when you search for the each fares & flights.


Passports & Visas

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the day you return to your home country. You must have all the relevant visas, vaccinations, health certificates, and all necessary travel documents as required by the various government authorities of the countries to be visited. You are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of delays or itinerary changes related to your lack of appropriate travel documents. wendytour.com.my of Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd will not be responsible for any penalties due to your failure to abide by any regulations of the government of the visiting country.


Extension / Deviation Stay

Extension and/or deviation of air ticket is dependent on the airline and may incur additional charges impose by the airline (It is your responsibility if air ticket by your own arrangement). Where extension and or deviation are possible, arrangements of Entry Visa/Accommodations are solely your responsibilities. However, upon request, we are most happy to assist you.



Each passenger is allowed baggage not exceeding 20 kilograms, is subject to the choice of airlines you applied. Only one piece of hand luggage is allowed subject to certain weight and size as stipulated by the airline. You have to pay for your own excess baggage. We are not responsible for your hand luggage.


Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you to acquire insurance on trip cancellation, accident, injury, illness, medical hospitalization, flight delay, baggage lost, etc.   Wendytour.com.my shall be exempt from any liability in the event of an accident resulting in, but not limited to, loss or damage of properties, injury to people, death during trip, delays, irregularities or other occurrences beyond its control. Settlements will ensue in accordance with rules set by airlines, hotels, buses, etc.


Medical Conditions, Pregnancy and Travel

If you have a medical condition, or if you are pregnant and considering travel, you must consult with your doctor before you travel, especially if medical condition requires daily routine care, urgent care, or your pregnancy is high-risk. You are responsible for disclosing any related information to us at the time of booking.  You understand Wendytour.com.my or local provider is not in a position to provide any medical services or urgent care in the event such an action may be required. You are liable for any risks, incidences or consequences incurred during travel. We highly recommend that you purchase medical insurance and travel insurance before you travel.


Responsibility & Liability

Before making reservation, it is your responsibility to read the fine print associated with your desired product including, but not limited to, the following sections: Air Fare, Airport Tax, Fuel Surcharge, Reservations and Payments, Travel Documents, Booking Changes, Cancellations and Refund, Extension/Deviation Of Stay, etc.. And you herein state that you have read and fully understood the content of all fine print and will waive the right to dispute against any part of it after your purchase.

Wendytour.com.my and airlines accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to you or your belongings resulting directly or indirectly from occurrences beyond its control including acts of God, acts of government, war(whether declared or not), threat of war, other hostilities, terrorist activity, civil strife, strikes, riots, fire, thefts, robberies, epidemics, quarantine, customs or medical regulations, natural and nuclear disasters, technical or administrative problems with transport, industrial disputes, closures of airports, and breakdown in machinery, or equipment or similar events. Neither The Organizers nor any person or agent assisting or callipering with it is liable for any loss, injury or damage or delay which may occur during a program tour or holiday.

The persons taking the flight ticket are responsible for safe keeping their own travel documents. Wendytour.com.my and airlines shall not be held responsible if you are deported or refuse entry by Immigration Authorities for possession of unlawful items, holding improper travel documents, or other causes whose behaviour and activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government. There is absolutely no refund for your flight ticket if you are refuse entry.

Wendytour.com.my and airlines reserve the rights to alter flight schedule, itineraries and travel arrangements even after the confirmations have been given to you in advance. wendytour.com.my of Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd and airlines are not liable and reserve the rights to cancel or withdraw at any time bookings made by or on behalf of you. However, money paid by you as booking fee will be refunded to you.

Any alteration on the routing or change of date of travel by the passenger is solely at his/her own risk. Wendytour.com.my and airlines shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and additional expenses incurred


Important Notice: Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd, its employees, officers, directors and shareholders does not own, control or operate any hotel or any air, land, or water transportation vehicles or companies of any kind, including without limitation, airplanes, helicopters, boats, rental cars, ground transportation vehicles, transport companies, shuttle services, buses, or local tour companies that may offer excursions or tours. Ivacationz.com occasionally enters into contracts with hotels and air, land, or water transportation companies, but all such entities are owned and operated by independent contractors. Ivacationz.com is not responsible for any negligent or wilful act, omission or failure to act on the part of any such entity or its employees, or of any other third party beyond its direct control. Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd name and logo may appear on posted or hand-held signs at your hotel, at the airport of your departure or destination, in vans, buses, coaches, or elsewhere during your vacation. This use of the Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd name and logo is solely intended to help you identify persons or entities who might provide services to you during your trip, but does not indicate, and should not be understood by you to indicate that Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd owns, controls or operates any entity displaying such a sign or that Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd employs or controls any person holding or displaying such a sign.