Country Information


Immigration Requirement : Malaysian need visa to enter Myanmar. Passport valid for at least six months required by all nationals.

Currency :
The kyat is the currency of Myanmar/Burma. It is often abbreviated as "K", which is placed before the numerical value.Silver coins were minted in denominations of 1 pe, 1 mu (2 pe), 1 mat (4 pe), 5 mu (10 pe) and 1 kyat, with gold 1 pe and 1 mu.

Weather :
Myanmar has the effects of the monsoon in different parts of the country. Temperature varies from 38 °C in coastal and delta areas to 19 °C in the northern highlands.

Voltage use :
Voltage: 230 Volts

Language :
The Burmese language (pronounced [mjəmà bàðà]; MLCTS: myanma bhasa) is the official language of Burma. Although the constitution officially recognizes it as the Myanmar language,[1] most English speakers continue to refer to the language as Burmese.