Golden Route Trip

Join Limon Bus on a Fun & Easy Bus Trip to Osaka & Takayama & Tokyo!!
RM 560.00

Mt Fuji Full Day Tour

Enjoy the full day tour at Mount Fuji 5th station & Excursion Ship & Mt Fuji Panoramic Ropeway by SHINKI BUS TOUR.
RM 360.00

Mt Fuji & Fuji Q-Highland Full Day Tour

Enjoy the full day tour at Mount Fuji & Fuji Q-Highland by SHINKI BUS TOUR. You will be presented Panorama of Mount Fuji at level 5, can enjoy the great view that spreads beneath you. Also enjoy at Fuji Q-Highland for the rides are fantastic.
RM 360.00

Kyoto , Nara, Kobe Tour

Enjoy a full day tour at Arashiyama, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Todai-ji Temple / Nara Park and Kobe MOSAIC by Shinki Bus.
RM 320.00

1 Day | Niseko Panorama Line and Shinsen Marsh Tour

Experience the Northland beauty! Enjoy the scenic walkway in Shinsen-numa and the breathtaking vistas of Niseko’s nature.
RM 360.00

Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi Full Day Tour

Enjoy the full day tour at Mount Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi with HATO BUS TOURS. You will be presented Panorama of Mount Fuji at level 5, can enjoy the great view that spreads beneath you.
RM 532.00

Afternoon Half Day | Shiroi Koibito Park and Central Wholesale Market Tour

This is a half day course that takes you to popular scenic spots in Sapporo by Chuo Bus.
RM 208.00

1 Day | Furano and Biei – A Tale of Four Seasons Tour

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of seasonal followers such as lavender which blooms in late June from the CHUO bus tour.
RM 392.00

Sapporo Night View Dinner Tour (Mt. Moiwa & Mt. Okura)

Enjoy the nightscape from Mt. Moiwa, which is recognized as one of the top three most beautiful nightscapes of Japan, while you enjoy a delicious lamb dinner that is the best in Sapporo, at the Mt. Okura Jump Stadium Lamb Dining Restaurant.
RM 304.00

1 Day | Hokuryu Sunflower, Farm Tomita and Biei Tour

This is a limited season tour which can see Sunflower and Lavender together. This is our recommended course that is offered only during the summer.
RM 384.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional Nikko Kimono Experience

Go for a stroll in Nikko wearing a KIMONO, and enjoy Lunch at the oldest resort Hotel in Japan.
RM 368.00

TOKYO BAY Night Panoramic Drive Half Day Tour

Enjoy full day trip in Tokyo by joining HATO BUS TOURS. You will visit Tokyo Tower, Ginza, Rainbow Bridge etc. You also can enjoy dining at HILTON TOKYO ODAIBA SEASCAPE TERRACE.
RM 452.00

Tokyo Half Day Tour (Morning)

Enjoy half day Morning tour in Tokyo by joining JAPAN HOLIDAY TOURS. You will visit Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, Imperial Palace, etc.
RM 296.00

3D2N Osaka/ Kyoto -> Shirakawago -> Tokyo Tour

Enjoy 3 days 2 night at Osaka, Shirakawago and Tokyo. You can have a food sample making experience, sightseeing Biwako (The largest lake in Japan) and others...
RM 1,480.00

Sagano Romantic Train & Kyoto Round Trip

Enjoy full day round trip by LIMON bus of Japanese cuisine in Kyoto and experience Sagano Romantic Train.
RM 360.00

Kyoto Full Day Tour

Enjoy tours in Kyoto by bus. Visit the natural beauty of Arashiyama and Kinkakuji's grandeur in Kyoto.
RM 240.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Bus (All Line)

Want to see Mt. Fuji? So…only Kawaguchiko! Around Lake Kawaguchi you will see beautiful seasonal blossoms whenever you come.
RM 80.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional Mt. Fuji Fujikko-go Bus

With six departure times from Mt. Fuji Station weekdays. It is a convenient bus for sightseeing around Yamanakako.
RM 52.00

KANTO BUFFET Optional Nikko Edo Wonderland

Travel back in time to the days of the samurai. Experience the culture and lifestyle of old Japan.
RM 214.00

KANTO BUFFET 2D1N Kusatsu Onsen + Karuizawa

Kusatsu Onsen is one of the most famous onsen in Japan located in Gunma prefecture.
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