The Strawberry Kingdom - Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Tochigi strawberries are well known throughout Japan

Also known as the “Strawberry Kingdom”, Tochigi holds the record as the largest strawberry producer in Japan. Like many fruits, strawberries become sweeter when there is a large temperature difference during winter. Because of Tochigi’s cold climate, as well as its tendency to have sunny winters, this gives it the perfect climate to grow strawberries. Tochiotome is Tochigi’s most famous brand of strawberries, but you can enjoy all sorts of varieties, large and small. You can even go to a local strawberry farm and pick them yourself!

Tochigi prefecture offers a variety of strawberries including the Sky Berry, which is popular as a luxury gift, and Tochihime, which is an exclusive variety at strawberry farms where you can visit and pick strawberries yourself.

Why strawberries grown in Tochigi are delicious

Good quality fertile soil on land
The streams of clear water from Nikko and Nasu.

The climate features long sunshine hours in winter and a large temperature difference between day and night, creating the best conditions for growing strawberries.

In greenhouses making the most of the sunlight, the maintained temperature enables slow ripening to grow sweet and delicious strawberries.

Largest strawberry yield in Japan

Tochigi prefecture has had the number one strawberry yield in Japan since 1968 and is worthy of being called the Strawberry Kingdom.Originally, the best season for strawberries in Japan was spring (May - June). However, Tochigi prefecture effectively used technology to go beyond the traditional shipping schedule. Stable shipment of high-quality strawberries, mainly for the Tokyo metropolitan area, now runs from November to May.

These fruitful results come from growers, agricultural organizations and administrative organizations banding together to improve production, distribution and sales.
In recent years, strawberries can be picked between June and October, enabling enjoying strawberries throughout the year.

The most beloved strawberry in Japan is Tochiotome, which originated in Tochigi, Prefecture.

The best way to enjoy the delicious strawberries in Tochigi is through strawberry picking at strawberry farms. Tochigi prefecture has many strawberry farms all over the prefecture. The strawberry picking varies depending on the strawberry farms, but most of them offer all-you-can-eat picking with a time limit.

How to identify delicious strawberries

Delicious strawberries are grown all over Japan.
Tochiotome holds the top share among strawberries grown in Tochigi, Japan.

Since strawberries become red when ripe, they are very delicious when the entire berry is red.If part of a berry is still white, it is not good to eat even if the size is large enough. Pick berries with fully red bodies.

The shape does not affect the taste. Large strawberries with shiny skin are delicious.You can further enjoy strawberry picking if you look for your favorite ones in your own way.

Pickup fresh strawberries and enjoy eating on the spot. You can eat them with milk or honey. You will like it ^-^