Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan - Osaka Prefecture

It is one of the largest public aquariums in the world, and is a member of the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA). The aquarium is about a five-minute walk from Osakako Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Chūō Line, and is next to the Tempozan Ferris Wheel.

The walk-through aquarium displays marine life in several habitats comprising 27 tanks in 16 main exhibits with a total volume of 10,941 tons of water. The habitats are from the Ring of Fire area of the Pacific Ocean. The largest tank is 9 metres (30 ft) deep and holds 5,400 cubic metres (190,699 cu ft) of water and a variety of fish including manta rays and 2 whale sharks.

The Giant Crab becomes tourist attraction.

The tanks used in the aquarium are made of 314 tonnes (346 tons) of acrylic glass. The largest single pane measures 6 meters (m)  by 5 meters (m) by 30 centimetres (cm) and weights roughly 10 tons. At the thicknesses used, regular glass would be unwieldy and would not have the desired transparency.

The "New Interactive Area" that opened in 2013 allow visitors to see the animals up close and possibly touch them. In the "New Interactive Area", 3 zones are constructed, the Arctic zone, in which you see rounding ringed seals, Falkland Islands Zone, where you can see the rock hopper penguins, and the Maldives Zone, in which you can directly touch sharks and rays.

The cutest souvenir that you can find at Osaka Aquarium.
The price for admission fee.

1 Chome-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 552-0022, Japan.

Access To Osaka Aquarium

By Train :
*Approx. 35 min. from Shinkansen bullet train Shin-Osaka Station (changing railway lines)
*Approx. 30 min. from Osaka (Umeda) Station
*Approx. 30 min. from Namba (Shinsaibashi) Station 
*Approx. 5 min. on foot from Osakako Station of Osaka City Subway Chuo Line

By Osaka City Bus :
*Approx. 45 min. from Osaka Station (bus route No. 88) or approx. 40 min. from Namba Station (bus route No. 60) to Tempozan Stop, adjacent to the KAIYUKAN

*From Universal Studios Japan: Approx. 10 min. from Universal City Port by Captain Line fast shuttle ferry