What is Kansai Area Pass? One ticket for Holiday to Japan adventure in Kansai Area!

Kansai Area Pass can be used as a transportation pass on the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, kobe, Himeji and Wakayama!
If you are planning a Japanese Vacation to visit the Kansai Area in Japan, do not have to buy expensive JR west Pass or JR Pass All Area tickets. JR west Japan has a canal ticket product that can be used for 1-4 full days to explore the Kansai area. The Kansai Area Pass rates vary from JPY2,200 (1 Day Pass) to JPY6,600 for the 4 Days Pass.

Here are the benefits to be gained by purchasing Kansai Area Pass and its rules!

  1. Can be used to ride the local JR train in the Kansai area, including Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Kansai Airport, and Himeji (More details please see map below)
  2. Can be used for Haruka Limited Express Train, which operates between Kansai Airport and Kyoto. In addition, it can not be used to ride other Limited Express Train (or shinkansen).
  3. Can be used to ride the JR Bus in Kyoto.
  4. Free rental bikes at Ekirin Kun outlet at every Train Station.
  5. Card validity is calculated from the ticket redemption up to 24:00 per day, and the number of consecutive days
  6. Can only be purchased by a foreigner (temporary visitor), not a native or a student or a foreign worker in Japan.

Kansai Area Pass Types & Prices

Kansai Area Pass


Purchased in Japan

Kansai Area Pass 1-Day    

2,200 yen (child 1,100 yen)

2,300 yen (child 1,150 yen)

Kansai Area Pass 2-Day

4,300 yen (child 2,150 yen)

4,500 yen (child 2,200 yen)

Kansai Area Pass 3-Day

5,300 yen (child 2,650 yen)

5,500 yen (child 2,750 yen)

Kansai Area Pass 4-Day

6,300 yen (child 3,150 yen)

6,500 yen (child 3,250 yen)

Children are classified as aged 6-11