Eastern Hokkaido Tourism

Hokkaido takes up 22.1% of land in Japan. Eastern Hokkaido covers approximately 45% of land in Hokkaido. It’s an amazingly diverse climate in Eastern Hokkaido that brings new experiences with every season.

You can take your journey all your own by East Hokkaido Tourism Bus / East Hokkaido Expressbus.
East Hokkaido Tourism BusEast Hokkaido Expressbus
Movement Period : 1 Sep - 31 Oct 2018Movement Period : 26 January - 10 March 2019


Sightseeing Place

1. Kushiro

<Canoeing on Kushiro River>

Canoe gently down the Kushiro River,which meanders through the Kushiro Wetlands National Park. A remarkable experience that will make you forget the cold. 

*Period: Year-round*  

<Red-crowned Crane>

Wild Japanese red-crested cranes are fed during the winter. At peak season, over 300 cranes alight,showing off their beautuful forms.


2. Mombetsu

<Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum GIZA >

A museum on a theme of drift ice situated right near the Sea of Okhotsk. There is plenty to "see" , "touch" and "experience" in the many exhibit rooms,such as the extreme cold room that is set at minus 20 degree Celsius ; a taste of what midwinter is actually like.

<Okhotsk Tokkari Center >

Donzens of seals,such as spotted, ringed and ribbon seals can be seen here. During feeding time, which take place 5 times a day, you can enjoy watching the cute seals eat and perform.

<Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park>

Between May and early June, 1.2 million tulips made up of 120 varieties every imaginable color, bloom all at once. 

3. Abashiri

<Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum>

Welcome to where sound and light transport you to the wonderful world of drift ice. 

<Abashiri Prison Museum>

An outdoor museum,based on the history pertaining to the colonization of Hokkaido and the role the prisoners played.

4. Shiretoko

<Shiretoko-Utoro Drift Ice Walk>
*Season/ Late January-early April*
The cruise boat chases the drift ice as it flows, so passengers experience a thrilling ride through the drift ice. Sunset cruise are also available.
<Utoro cruise (West coast)>
*Season : April - October*
Take in the remarkable view of the Shiretoko Peninsula from the cruise. See unsual rock formations, waterfalls, wild brown bears,deer and white-tailed sea eagles, scenery which cannot be seen by land.
<Rausu cruise (East coast)>

*Season : April-October*

See sperm whales,dolphins, and Procellariidae (seabirds) up close!

<Cloudsea (Lake Kussharo, Lake Mashu)>
Impressive encounters are reserved for those who wake up early in the morning.

5. Teshikaga

<Sand Bath at Lake Kussharo>

Swans alight on the shores of Lake Kussharo between late November and April. The sand baths along the sores are created by hot springs, and are warm even during winter, and swans can be seen resting their wings in the warm water.

<Lake Mshu Star Watching>

At night, there is nothing around Lake Mashu to block the scenery, and on an especially clear night,you can find yourself staring up at a sky full of stars, as far as the eye can see. Stars are especially visible during the winter, when the air is cold and clear, making them appear like diamonds in the sky.

5. Lake Akan

<Forest Flowers>

Frost flowers that bloom on the surface of the frozen lake can only be seen on a really cold day during winter. Frost flowers only appear under severe cold conditions where the temperature drops below -15 degree Celsius and when there is no wind.

*Season: Dec-late Jan

<Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan (Ice Village)>

Outdoor bath made of ice!

The only outdoor bath in the world, made out of ice on a frozen lake, is super liberating!

*Period: Late January-late March,2019

Food & Restaurant

1. Kushiro

<Robata Grill>

Fresh seafood is best cooked over charcoal. The delicious flavor can be tasted especially when it is piping hot.

<Katte-don (Washo Market)>

Take a stroll through the market and pick out a little bit of each kind of seafood you like,then have it prepared over a bowl of rice and you have your orginal seafood donburi!

2. Mombetsu and Abashiri

<Okhotsk Marine Products (Fresh Caught Horsehair Crab)>

Horsehair crabs raised on rich nutrients that are available under the drift ice are firm, rich and succulent and unbelievably delicious!


3. Rausu

<Fresh Sea Urchin>

Sea urchin harvesting takes place between mid January and June in Rausu, so you enjoy delicious sea urchin in the middle of winter, As Middle as January.  

Season: Mid Jan - June

4. Akkeshi

Akkeshi is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy succulent fresh oysters all year long.

5. Obihiro

<Kita-no Yatai>

A collection of Japanese cuisine and kushiyaki  (charbroiled foods) restaurant, pubs, Italian and French restaurants.