1 Day | Tour Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival Tour

Thrilling Snow Rafting Play your heart out with various winter activities in a winter wonderland. Also can experience beautiful festival of ice held on the lakeside of Lake Shikotsu Hot Springs, inside Shikotsu-Toya National Park.


Adult RM 400.00
Child (6-11 years) RM 300.00


  • Period: 25 Jan ~ 17 Feb 2019 (In operation everyday)
  • Tour Code: O
  • Minimum: 1 Persons
  • Time: 09:25 - 18:20 (8 hours 55 min)
  • Tour Start from Sapporo bus terminal at 09:25
  • Operated by Chuo Bus
  • Includes unlimited snow activities at Snow Land and Lunch (Pork shabu shabu, chicken shabu shabu all-you-can-eat)+unlimited soft drinks
  • This course is operated with a multilingual audio guidance system in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Japanese guidance is also provided by the audio system. (A tour guide will be on board, but will not provide actual guidance).
  • Course may not be in operation due to inclement weather or poor expressway conditions. 


※This course is operated with a multilingual audio guidance system(passengers will listen to a recording in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English).

※Japanese guidance is also offered via a recording. (a tour guide will be on board but will not provide explanations of sights)

  • This course includes outdoor activities and tours. Please be sure to dress warm.
  • Depending on the snow conditions, you may not be able to experience the snow park. In such case, the tour course will be cancelled.
  • At North Snow Land, passengers will enjoy unlimited activities in the snow. You can play as much as you want within the allotted time.
  • Snow rafting (ages 3 and up, 3 min)
  • Horseback rides (3 and up, 2 min)
  • Mini snowmobile (6 and up, 4 laps around 70 meter course)
  • 4 wheel buggy (12 and up, 4 laps around 70 meter course)
  • Tubing (3 and up)
  • Snow fun (3 and up) as much as you like during the stay.
  • Because we will be playing in the snow, please take care of your belongings. (If you drop them in the snow, you will not be able to find them)
  • Because we will be playing outside in the snow, it will be extremely cold. Ordinary shoes will become very wet. Please be sure to wear clothing appropriate for playing outdoors. (There are no rental facilities for snow gear on site.)
  • The facility takes extreme care in providing a safe environment for visitors. However, accidents may occur if you are not cautious, so please exercise control and caution when playing inside the facility.
  • For lunch you will enjoy all-you-can-eat pork or chicken shabu shabu + veggies + curry +rice, and all-you-can-drink soft drink bar (all-you-can-eat will be 60 min)
  • The Hyoto Festival venue is very slippery, so please watch your step.
    Show your bus ticket stub at Restaurant memere, and receive a complimentary drink(coke, orange juice, Calpis, oolong tea, melon soda, amazake or green tea). All other drinks served at a 10% discount.
  • If there are no passengers getting off at New Chitose Airport, we will not make a stop.


*Duration at each tourist attraction may be shortened due to traffic conditions. Also, if traffic conditions worsen and the expressway is closed, the course may be cancelled. 
◎If no reservations are made by 18:00 the day before, the tour will be cancelled. 
◎Tour time at each facility will depend on traffic that day, the number of passengers and other factors. 
◎Arrival time for this course may be earlier depending on whether or not the facility is open or not, or limitations on tours. 
◎Please note that the buses may be delayed due to inclement weather or traffic conditions, so please allow ample time for transfers to other means of transportation. 
◎The tour may be cancelled due to disasters or other unavoidable circumstances, so please be sure to contact us about whether the tour is in operation during unusual weather.